• Share the intimacy of nature.
  • Champion the power and intelligence of all living things and their right to their lives.
  • Evoke respect for evolution, deep time and nature.
  • Express gratitude to the animals who share time and space with me undisturbed.
  • Honour those who shaped my world view: Alex Colville, Glenn Gould, Richard Feynman, Henri Cartier-Bresson.


  • Born beside the Atlantic, educated by French Acadians, profoundly influenced by Alex Colville.
  • University education, Mount Allison University [Music], University of British Columbia [M.A. Theatre], University of Alberta [Information Science], Wilfred Laurier University [Entrepreneurial Business], University of Waterloo [Rhetoric and Applied Writing].
  • Applied skills: Graphic Web Design, Tech Writer, Marketing Writer and Photography from the age of 15.
  • The medium of high-resolution archive quality prints perfectly communicates the subtlety of natural light.
  • Rocky Mountain life evokes awareness of deep time, evolution, the beauty and brevity of life.